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Hand made in small batches, BEE Vodka is triple distilled from 100% New York honey for a flawless finish.

While honey conjures associations of sticky sweetness, BEE Vodka is velvety smooth with undertones of caramel on the finish, but is never sweet. Truly unique, BEE Vodka is pristinely clear and irresistibly smooth with exceptional flavor, it promises to bee something you’ve never experienced before.

As each batch is processed through the still, we discard the less desirable portions of the spirits known as the heads and tails. We keep the ‘heart of the hearts’ to bottle, producing an ultra-premium vodka. Our Master Distiller oversees each step in the distilling process to ensure the highest quality results. We hope all who try BEE Vodka appreciate the efforts we put into each batch to create this high quality craft distilled spirit. Sip, Relax and Just Bee!


Where grasses ripple across the expansive Montezuma Wildlife Refuge in the Finger Lakes region, that’s where you’ll find Hidden Marsh Distillery. Where honeybees buzz from one wildflower to another, that’s where we gather our honey.

The first of its kind in the Finger Lakes region, Hidden Marsh Distillery is proud to be a pioneer in the field of artisan distilling in New York State. In addition to BEE Vodka, we distill a variety of spirits from fresh, local ingredients. These signature Hidden Marsh spirits – from brandy to liqueurs – are distilled with a hands-on process that takes on a more artistic form producing high quality premium spirits.

Our family efforts continue to create and enhance a unique product line, quality products and an experience that is memorable and enjoyable. We also own and operate Montezuma Winery, on the Cayuga Wine Trail, where both traditional grape wines, honey wines (mead) and a variety of fruit wines are crafted.